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Raina Mills is a Certified Reiki Master trained in the Usui and Laser Reiki methods, providing Reiki healing and attunements to those who feel called toward energy work or energy healing.  Raina works with several healing modalities including but not limited to: Reiki, Aromatouch massage, Sound Healing with crystal singing bowls, Mayan Oracle, Chakra balancing, Meditation, and more.  Raina can assist you with improving your holistic health and provides energy healing that will help you integrate mind, body, and spirit while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.​​ Set up an initial consultation now to find out what is out of balance in your life and start living the life of your dreams!

Learn More about Raina

​Raina Mills is originally from Burlington, IA, and holds a B.S. in Psychology and Business.  Raina is currently working toward a M.S in Love and Marriage Counseling. She has experience counseling and advising others, and can offer you guidance as a Life Coach or Spiritual Psychologist.  She is also a licensed Minister and enjoys officiating special occasions and ceremonies.  Raina is dedicated to holistic health and believes we are all inherently perfect, but are affected by many external factors which can cause a person to become out of balance.  When a person falls out of balance, one is more prone to illness or disease.  Raina looks at the whole person and focuses on what is needed to bring you back into your perfect balance.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing modality, sometimes referred to as “hand healing” that was rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui.  This is an ancient healing technique that can help heal a person on the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and psychological levels. Reiki is used for many reasons, but in most cases it is to improve someone’s health or medical condition, and is becoming more and more popular with doctors who practice western medicine.

Reiki is also used to clear energy blockages, balance one’s chakras, heal mental and emotional traumas, help one cope with past life or childhood issues, and irradicate the root causes of disease.


Laser Reiki is a more Yang form of Reiki, and can remove energetic blockages affecting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres very rapidly. An issue that might take 4 or 5 sessions to clear with Usui Reiki can often be cleared in as little as 1 session with Laser Reiki. How does it get any better than this? Typically, sessions are performed standing (or sitting) for the best alignment of the Chakras and best energy movement.

Laser Reiki is multidimensional source energy that accesses the Akashic records. Laser Reiki clears blockages from past, present and future lifetimes often instantaneously.  Stuck and blocked energies are assessed and a numerical value is given to each “packet” of stuck/blocked energies.  We strip these energies right out of the central meridian of the body to be recycled–this means the energies are no longer able to attach to the client.  Then, pure Laser Reiki light energy is placed into the central meridian to replace the energy that was removed along with positive affirmations for maximum benefit.  The energy is more pinpointed and goes directly where it needs to go, so it is a rapid energetic movement.

Clients report back benefits such as: instant pain relief, more focus, emotional/mental clearing, Chakras balanced and cleared, more connection with their true self, feeling lighter, feeling younger, feeling happier, etc. Laser Reiki is amazing. Let’s do some light work together!

Each session is led by spirit and is unique for each person, depending on the individual circumstances.  We create a safe space for maximum healing and benefit and always protect your privacy.  Sessions can be a combination of Laser Reiki, Usui Reiki on the table with a crystal healing grid, and use of crystal singing bowls.  Sometimes channeled messages will come through for the client among other things.  The session will be tailored for YOUR specific needs!

How can a Reiki treatment benefit me?

Reiki is known to have many additional benefits for the recipient. After receiving a Reiki treatment you will feel very relaxed. The state of relaxation is comparable to having a long massage or sitting in a hot tub. In fact, 1 hour of Reiki is equivalent to four hours of restful sleep! Additionally, you may feel physically “lighter” or like a weight has been lifted off of you. You may or may not know why you feel so much better, but you will feel very rejuvenated after receiving a treatment.

People seek out Reiki for many reasons, but most often it is to feel better physically. The recipient will likely feel better mentally, emotionally, and spiritually too. Sometimes the client can be surprised by this and will experience an overwhelming sense of joy.

What is a Reiki Attunement?

Reiki students take courses and practice with their teachers and other students to explore this healing modality. Over the course of learning, attunements are given to the students to increase their ability to flow pure Reiki energy. Typically, a student will become very interested and ask for these attunements when they feel “ready” to receive them. When one receives an attunement, the healing vortexes in one’s hands are connected to the upper chakras and a Reiki symbol is placed in the energy field, attuning the student to that particular symbol and boosting the students ability to flow energy and access the abilities connected with that symbol. There are typically 3 levels of attunement, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

What is the Mayan Oracle?

Largely based on the life work of Jose Arguelles 1939-2011, it is the modern interpretation of the ancient Mayan calendar, the T’zolkin. Sometimes it is referred to as the Dreamspell calendar and has been in use since 1992. The T’zolkin consists of 20 Solar Seals and 13 tones that make up a 260-day matrix where the energy of the day is completely unique. Each day is called a “kin” and “kin” can refer to a person or a day. Based on your kin, you can learn more about your life purpose and soul mission for this life as well as your guiding power. For a more complete explanation feel free to message me!

What is Aromatouch?

Aromatouch is a very relaxing light massage technique that is used to introduce essentials oils into the skin. There are 8 different oils used when applying this technique. The oils I use are from doTERRA and include the following: Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), On Guard, Aromatouch blend, Deep Mint, Wild Orange and Peppermint. For each oil there is a specific massage technique used and they are introduced in the order listed. Contact me for more details!

Why is meditation important? How can it help me?

Meditation has existed for centuries. Although it has been considered more of an Eastern exercise, it has gained popularity in the West of the last few decades. Many people, including myself, consider meditation to be a very important part of their lives. It is a time that you give to yourself to spend with yourself and tune everything else out. Some find the practice of breathing and stillness to be challenging and it can take time to be able to really let go and enjoy that inner peace that resides deep within. The benefits include: stress reduction, mental clarity and peace, lower heart rate, a sense of inner well being, restfulness, emotional well being, longer life span and more. Moving meditation is also available for those who want to link breath and movement or those who find it hard to sit still for a length of time.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is largely mentorship and advocacy for another person that helps them live a more full and productive life. Life events, old bad habits or simply just “feeling stuck” can cause one to become out of balance to the point that even simple daily tasks can feel very difficult. Sometimes you just need another person in your corner to support you and cheer you on! I advocate for and mentor others. I also help people hands-on in their daily lives depending on what is needed to help them live their lives to the fullest and bring them back into their own perfect balance. Contact me to set up an initial consultation and begin living the life you want!

Mission Statement

To provide holistic and integrative healing solutions that bring balance and harmony into one’s life.

Core Values

Healing is cooperative
Promote peace and harmony
Mindful meditation is a practice
Advocate for those who need it
Teach Work/Life balance
Be present in each moment

Reiki Services

Reiki Healing

1 hour Reiki $60
Includes crystal singing bowls and grid + aroma therapy

Reiki Attunements

Level 1 Attunement: $88 Reiki Healer
Level 2 Attunement: $144 Reiki Sender
Level 3 Attunement: $222 Reiki Master

Holistic Healing Options

Aromatouch Massage

1 hour aromatouch $70

Guided Meditation

Personal Guidance $60/hr
Group Meditation $100/hr
Meditation Walk $70 for up to 2 hours

Life Coaching

Personal Guidance $60/hr
Relationship Help $60/hr
Life Organization $60/hr (includes hands-on work)

Mayan Astrology Chart

Complete Mayan Chart

Includes Galactic Signature and full report
With present and future life mission
In person full reading: $99
Via email: $60

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Any new client will need about 20 mins of time to assess what they need and how they can best benefit from a holistic healing approach.

The consultation is free, please plan 1 & 1/2  hours for the first 1 hour session. If there are time constraints, the consultation is also available via email or phone prior to your first session.

Post session discussions are a great way to share and grow. 10-20 minutes is built in for a typical post session discussion. We can continue discussing longer if more guidance is needed for $1/minute, depending on availability. $.50/mile fuel charge if we are driving to your location.

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