Blue Resonant Monkey Moon 1/10/18-2/6/18

In Mayan cosmology, we follow a 13 moon (month) calendar based on four 7 days weeks, with 28 days in each month. This calendar is in alignment with Natural Time and Natural Laws unlike the uneven Gregorian calendar, which was introduced by Pope Gregory the 8th in 1582. The months varying in days naturally creates a certain amount of discord in the natural harmony of life. The one positive thing is it helps make up for the extra quarter day every for years with the creation of a leap year. Even this is still confusing however, and we will still have an extra day to makeup in 4909.

The great thing about the Mayan system, is that it aligns with our moon cycles and reproductive cycles. The months are even and make sense. The 13x28 matrix = 364 days, so the 365th day becomes a “Day out of Time”, a day for peace, harmony, art and connection with others. Everyone automatically gets at least 1 day off to themselves every year! Isn’t that fabulous? The day out of time equates to our date July 25th. The New Year begins on 7/26, in concert with the heliacal rising of Sirius, the Dog Star and brightest star in our night sky. This phenomena was very important to the ancient Egyptians who equated the star’s return with fertility to the land. They too celebrated their New Year in late July.

Another thing that I really resonate with, is that each day has a tone and archetype associated with it. Thus our days become more informed and have more meaning to them. In Mayan, they call this a Kin. A Kin can refer to a person or a day. Using myself as an example, I was born on 10/24/1974. This day in Mayan was a Blue Resonant Storm day, thus I am a Blue Resonant Storm in Mayan. One could look at this much like an astrological sign, as it speaks to one’s deeper mysteries, but this is what is referred to as your “galactic signature.” That said, the T’zolkin is another calendar used in concert with the solar calendar based on a 13x20 matrix with 260 unique combinations—so the information gleaned is much more specialized and personalized. The months also follow a similar cycle and have a tone and solar seal (archetype) associated with them.

In this case, we are entering the Blue Resonant Monkey Moon. The Resonant tone is the 7th of 13 tones and is considered the center point of all the tones. The power of the 7th tone is attunement, so the theme for the next 28 days is, “How may I best attune my service to others?” Is it any wonder that I am a Reiki Master who provides Reiki attunements? It is very clearly stated in my galactic signature that this is key to my presence on this planet!! The theme of Blue Monkey is Play, Intuition and Magic, so these forces may prove useful in answering our question of the month and may guide you to what you most want to attract in your life.

On the last day of the week in Mayan, many perform a meditation called the Rainbow Bridge Meditation. Please see my previous blog for more details about this, but know that this is a day to meditate for world peace and many others are meditating on this day. Currently, the last day of the week in Mayan is on what we consider “Tuesday”. This will be the case until July when Mayan New Year begins. We will be conducting Rainbow Bridge Meditations at least once a month, on the last day of the month where the energy of the meditation is most effective.

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Infinite Blessings be with All Beings